Useful Timex Info

Timex an American watch company who have been producing clocks and watches since 1854. Although a mainly American brand, Timex have built a worldwide reputation for their sport watches.

Timex Ironman

By far Timex’s most famous line of watches the Ironman is made for sports men who need a rugged watch with sport-related features. It was in this line that Timex first introduced Indiglo technology to back light the LCD display.

Other Timex Watches

In addition to its regular lines Timex also makes a, well received, series of Timex Datalink watches that have become a cult favorite among fans of gadgets. Unfortunately these are difficult to get hold of in the UK although you can order them direct from US retailers the import duty can be steep.

Another popular line of digital Timex watches are the heart rate monitors. However for those I’d always recommend another company that particularly specialise in heart rate monitors such as Polar or Suunto.