Useful Casio Info

The digital watch company has to be Casio. No other company has offered more innovation, more choice and more quality in their digital watches than the Japanese company, Casio. Here’s a run down of what they have to offer.

Casio Wave Ceptor

This range of watches were created by Casio as radio updated the watches that receive their timing signal from various governments time services internationally. These timing signals are generated by atomic clocks and are accurate to 1 second in every 3 million years. Radio controlled watches are therefore some of the most accurate digital watches available to consumers.

Although Casio weren’t the first watch company to create radio controlled watches they are one of the most popular models in the world riding on the back of the success of Casio’s G Shock brand.

As is common with all radio controlled watches the Casio Wave Ceptor watch reverts to be internal quartz timing when the radio signal isn’t being received.
Although the original Wave Ceptor watches were released per region and were unable to receive timing signals in other regions. The newest models work across the world and understand timing signals in each major region.

The Wave Ceptor range is actually very diverse with analogue watches on the one side to digital G shock watches on the other.

Casio Protrek

Casio Protrek is another brand that Casio released on the back of the Casio G Shock range. Offering the same rugged style and build quality that the G shocks do the project range out numerous power door sensors including Roberts is composts altimeters of the monitors.
This range of watches is often popular with outdoor people especially hiking skiing and rock climbing. Many of the more expensive models come with titanium casing or bracelets.

Although the cheapest Casio pro trek comes in at £55 the prices normally range from £150 all the way up to about £300 for the top models. Casio pro trek watches are predominantly digital but some do come in classic analog formats.

Casio G Shock Watch

The G shock brand by Casio is arguably one of the most well-known digital watch brands in the world. They were first released in 1983 and since then grown in popularity across the world. They’re originally built to be extremely durable and withstand heavy knocks so were ideal for people leading an active lifestyle such as the police, militarily and sports people.

The G shock brand has spawned a number of other digital watch brands made by Casio including the Wave Ceptor, Baby G and tough solar watches.

Casio Baby G

although not strictly a men’s digital watch the Casio baby G is still a popular Casio brand and completeness sake it’s worth mentioning here. The baby G was released as the youngest sister to the Casio G shock watch range and as such has been popular among young girls and women due to its smaller size and feminine colours.

Casio Baby G has had endorsements from names such as Lady Gaga, Pixie Lott and Rhianna.

Casio Edifice

Casio Edifice range of watches were created by Casio as high-performance luxury chronograph watches for men. They could be seen as a direct competitor to Citizen’s watches often sporting stylish chronograph watch faces with metal or leather straps and with prices ranging from £100-£600 they cover the low to mid range market for men’s chronograph watches.